Abaddon сетиAbaddonAnointed Armor of Ruination, Darkness Wanderer's Armor, Sermon of the Frozen Apostle, Arsenal of the Demonic Vessel
Alchemist сетиAlchemistAlchemy Essentials, Caustic Steel, Formed Alloy Set, Toxic Siege Armor, The Convicts' Trophies
Anti-Mage сетиAnti-MageThe Mage Slayer, The Gifts of Yoskreth, Nomadic Protector, The Clergy Ascetic, Spoils from the Shifting Sorcerer, Legacy of the Awakened, Armor of Tustakuri, Acolyte of Vengeance, The Witch Hunter
Axe сетиAxeForged in Demons' Blood, The Berserker's Blood, The Defiant Axe, The Axecutioner, The Forgemaster's Tools, Bloodmist Armor, Armor of the Saberhorn, Heavy Steel Armor, The Red Conqueror Set, Red Mist Reaper, Harbinger of War
Batrider сетиBatriderThe Rough Rider of Yama Raskav, Flamestitched Suitings, Firestarter
Beastmaster сетиBeastmasterGear of the Red Talon, The Tribal Stone, The Custom of Karroch, Friend of the West
Bloodseeker сетиBloodseekerRitual Garb of the Seeker, The Bonehunter, Wrath of the Blood Covenant, The Gallows Understudy, Ardor of the Scarlet Raven, Tribal Terror
Bounty Hunter сетиBounty HunterTrappings of the Pangolin Guild, The Hardened Hunter, Creeper's Cruelty, Black Blades of the Qaldin Assassin, The Master Assassin, The Crimson Cut-throat, Hunter in Distant Sands, Hunter of the Blood Stained Sands, The Second Disciple, Corruption, Djinn Slayer, Twin Blades Assassin, Hunter with No Name
Brewmaster сетиBrewmasterThe Drunken Warlord, Red Dragon
Bristleback сетиBristlebackEmerald Frenzy, Heavy Barbed Armor, Debts of the Nightwatchman
Broodmother сетиBroodmotherThe Brood Queen, Steelweb of Pytheos, Web of Thorns, Webs of Perception
Centaur Warrunner сетиCentaur WarrunnerThe Weight of Omexe, The Conquering Tyrant, Warrior of the Steppe, Chieftain of the Warstomp Clan, Unbroken Stallion, Relentless Warbringer, Warlord of Hell
Chaos Knight сетиChaos KnightDark Ruin Set, Entropic Battlegear of the Warrider, Embers of Entropy, Arms of Burning Turmoil, Rising Chaos, Chaos Legion, Champion of Discord
Chen сетиChenArms of the Penitent Nomad, Gemmed Armor of the Priest Kings, Wings of Obelis, The Desert Gale
Clinkz сетиClinkzThe Demonic Vandal, Crypt Guardian, Tools of the Lost Hills
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